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World's Best Hydrotherapy Walk-In Tubs

Bathing Safety offers the finest Hydrotherapy Walk-In Tubs.  We offer models that are manufactured in the US and a selection of models that are imported.  We will clearly tell you which is which.

A walk in tub is a bathtub that allows entrance through a door, rather than stepping over the side of the tub.  It is needed by individuals who are unable to safely step over the bathtub side edge which can be as high as 24 inches on a standard tub. A walk in tub has a door that opens in, allowing the individual to step through a door rather than stepping over the tub side. 

We are Bathing Safety Specialists, and can help you decide the best model, offer the best price and answer questions about options.  We will be glad to recommend trusted installers in your area, or you can use installers of  your choosing.  Just remember Bathing Safety is here and available to answer your questions, free, and without high pressure sales tactics.  

Remeber, we are the only company that will:

  • WILL Discuss Pricing Over the Phone!
  • Offer the lowest price, guaranteed*
  • Offer many different quality models & manufacturers to choose from
  • Will answer any and all questions over the phone.
  • ​Certified Made in the USA models!
  • ​Bathing Safety is Veteran Owned!

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