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We care about your bathing needs. We manufacturer the world's best walk in bathtubs! We are committed to providing you with a tub that will help you enjoy bathing all over again, safely and in the comfort of your own bathroom, without assistance. It is our dedication to the American people that we make and sell an American-made product that meets the standards that you have come to expect in workmanship and quality.



When you are sitting in your new “Diamond Elite™” walk in tub, your dreams of being able to bathe independently, comfortably and safely again will have become a reality.

Call Bathing Safety today to learn about the finest Walk in Tub, the Boca Diamond Elite!

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is committed to helping you make a wise, informed decision on which product will work the very best for you, and your unique, individual bathing requirements.

America's Premier Walk-In Bathtub


  • Our Satisfied Customers
  • We are Certified MADE IN USA & Warranted
  • Available: 18 hydro air jets and 10 water jets
  • Our tub drains in 2-3 minutes
  • Our ADA Compliant water-tight door
  • Our knowledgeable and friendly staff

Thicker & stronger by design.  BOCA Walk In Tubs won't flex, wobble or crack.

Made from fiberglass not acrylic, the same surface material used for multi-million dollar yachts!

Lowest Step-In in the industry!  Our super sturdy 'Frameless' design is unique, patented and allows our tubs to have the lowest threshold of any walk-in bathtub made.  Our revolutionary 2 1/2" Step-In, versus the industry average 6-9" means less difficulty and better safety when entering and exiting our tub.

We've designed Boca Walk In Tubs to keep you safe at home so life’s adventures won't pass you by…

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