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Therapeutic Tub Installations in Platte Woods MO

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Platte Woods MO Therapeutic Bathtubs

Therapeutic tubs are a wonderful investment for Platte Woods MO residents who are looking for a way to improve their daily hygiene routine. 

This sort of bath offers a practical and comfortable experience for people of different ages and different physical abilities. If you’re planning on installing a therapeutic tub in Platte Woods MO, Bathing Safety is the right team for the job. 

We’ve been a leading installer of therapeutic tubs Nationwide since we first opened our doors in 2020.

Therapeutic tubs are popular because they: 

  • Give you the ultimate relaxation experience
  • Hydrotherapy has several health advantages like better blood circulation, lowered blood pressure, better quality sleep, and pain relief
  • A variety of ways to customize your relaxation experience.

Professionally Installed Therapeutic Tubs in Platte Woods MO

Although hot tubs can offer fun and relaxation, therapeutic tubs go a step further with special engineering and additional features. 

Many models of therapeutic tubs are also “hydrotherapy” tubs, which means they use jets to treat pain caused by health concerns such as rheumatoid arthritis. 

Typically, therapeutic tubs are above the ground level and built with premium building materials like acrylic; however, you may also find in-ground models of therapeutic tubs.

Some common add-ons are:

  • Ergonomic seating
  • Massaging jets for specific muscle groups
  • Special lighting to create a mood
  • Controls to personalize things like water temp, lighting, and strength of the hydro jets

Trusted Therapeutic Tub Installers in Platte Woods MO 

Installing a therapeutic tub in your Platte Woods MO home can fully improve your daily routine. 

Whether you’d like to age in place or simply want an at-home spa experience, this variety of tubs will ensure you achieve your goals. 

The design staff at Bathing Safety will assist you with choosing the right combination of design, materials, and features.

Plus, we’ll provide you with a complimentary price quote. 

When you’d like to set up a time for your consultation, just reach out to us at 866-238-2521 or fill in the short form on our website. 

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Sale Ends Soon 07-01-2023

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Sale Ending Soon 07-01-2023

$2000 OFF Walk-in Baths
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